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Second Grade 

CES Employee Of The Month-Cindy Mitchell 

2018-19 CES Staff

CES UIL- 3rd Grade Oral Reading 

CES UIL- 2nd Grade Creative Writing 

CES Principle, Ricky Daily Reading to Mrs. Pruitt's 1st Grade Class.

Mrs Swearingen-CES Music Teacher

Mrs. Kiker's Kindergarten Class

CES UIL- 3rd Grade Chess

Second Grade 

CES UIL- Second Grade Music Memory

Ms. Calhoun's 1st grade class 

CES UIL- 3rd Grade Music Memory

CES UIL- 2nd Grade Story Telling 

CES Teacher Of The Year, Mrs. Janet Kiker!

Second Grade Students Presenting To The School Board 

Mrs. Pagitt's 1st Grade Class

News & Announcements

2019-2020 Pre-K and Head Start

Click on link above for more information regarding our Pre-K and Head Start Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.
2019-2020 Pre-K and Head Start Featured Photo