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Welcome: About Me

Hello and welcome to my page. I am the Behavior Interventionist for Chandler Elementary. I have been working with children, teen-agers, and young adults for a long time. During these times I began to realize that, as a teacher, I was more interested and in-tune with their mental health more than their educational experiences. From the first day that I stepped into a school building, children and young adults who were struggling, in school and in life, were drawn to me. I felt an empathic connection to them, being able to sense their inner turmoil. I learned that building a relationship with my students was more important than enforcing rules and dictating educational standards. Those were important as well but without a one to one relationship with every student those things were rarely achieved. This became the basis for my educational philosophy. After completing my Master's in Psychology at LeTourneau University in 2020 the administration at Diboll ISD approached me and asked if I would be interested in teaching Dual Credit Psychology through Angelina College. I was also looking into the programs to become a Behavior Analyst or Forensic Psychologist. Then came COVID and an interruption to not only the schools plans but also my own. In hindsight I see the hand of God as He led me to become the Behavior Interventionist at Chandler Elementary and I absolutely love what I do.