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Character Counts

Each month, we will focus on a particular character trait, based on the Character Counts curriculum.

September - Meet the Counselor

October - Responsibility

November - Caring

December - Caring, continued

January - Trustworthiness

February - Respect

March - Fairness

April -Citizenship

May - Special topics

Lessons are tailored to each grade level's developmental needs and capabilities, and I strive to make the lessons interactive and student-centered. Classroom guidance is one of my favorite parts of being a school counselor, and I'm excited about going into the classrooms. Once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess!


Our character trait for the month of October is RESPONSIBILITY. Our definition for RESPONSIBILITY: 'Do your job, and do it right!' Kindergarteners listened to a story about Little Critter and his big mess. We then talked about ways we can be responsible at school and at home. First graders put on a puppet play about the Little Red Hen. Then we talked about ways their character in the play could have been more responsible. Second graders heard a story called The Three Little Javelinas (similar to the Three Little Pigs) and played a game called 'Sticks and Bricks.' In the game, sticks were irresponsible decisions and bricks were responsible decisions. Third graders read a poem, 'Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out.' We then talked about how garbage can sometimes pile up in our own lives (missing homework deadlines, not studying for tests, etc.) and how we need to be responsible every day so that we don't get overwhelmed.


Our character trait for the month of November will be CARING. Kindergartners will hear a story called "Emily's Caring and Sharing Book and talk about ways they can be caring Kindergartners. First graders will listen to The Rainbow Fish and do an activity in which they think of adjectives that describe the kind of friend they want to be. Second graders will hear "How to Lose All Your Friends" and help me create a bulletin board for the hallway. Third graders will listen to 'Enemy Pie' and will also help me with the bulletin board.


December is a continuation of the character trait CARING. We will participate in FRIENDSHIP FRIDAYS each Friday in November and December. PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade will be encouraged to do (at least) one nice thing on Friendship Friday, and second and third graders will be challenged to STRIVE FOR FIVE -they will try to carry out five acts of caring each Friday.