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Parent Involvement Policy

Title 1, Part A provides school districts with extra resources to help improve instruction in schools and to ensure poor and minority children have the same opportunity as other children to meet challenging state academic standards. A Title 1 school-wide campus is a campus in which more than 40% of the students are from low-income families.

Acknowledging that parents/guardians are a student’s f chers and that this continuing support is essential for academic success, Chandler Elementary School is committed to the following parent involvement policy:
  • Title 1, Part A parents will annually receive information concerning the implementation of the Title 1, Part A program and will be encouraged to offer suggestions for improving/strengthening the program.
  • Parents will be given timely information concerning overall student performance standards and expectations (TEKS).
  • Parents will be given timely information concerning campus/state assessment instruments: local assessment measures, I Station, TELPAS, STAAR, STAAR Modified, STAAR Alternate.
  • Parents may request information about the professional qualification of their child’s classroom teacher.
  • Parents will be offered opportunities for learning how to foster improved academic performance for their child(ren).
  • Parents may request an explanation and description of the school’s curriculum provided by the teacher.
  • Parent representatives (including parents of Title 1, Part A students) will be involved in the development, review and evaluation of the campus improvement plan.
  • Title 1, Part A parents will be involved annually in the review/revision of the School/Parent Compact.
  • Title 1, Part A parents will be asked to complete surveys seeking evaluation of the Title 1, Part A program and parent involvement.
  • Parents will annually review/revise this policy.